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Technology And Recycling

Posted by on Jun 15, 2016 in Investment, Recycling, Technology | Comments Off on Technology And Recycling

As technology advances, computers on our tables are becoming increasingly obsolete. If we replace every few months a component, in the end, nothing would have remained but to sell the old computer and complete the purchase of a brand new. But when the computer becomes too weak for the current standards and modern programs that the owner wanted to use, no one will buy that junk and the computer must embark on his last journey – to the dump.


Although in our country computers have not been thrown away so much and almost every user will gladly donate his computer instead to throw it. But, around the world computers have been ending up in the trash annually.

Around 200000 tons of monitors and other components and these numbers are increasing every year. More frightening is the fact that on a computer, which is on your desk, are over seven hundred different materials which spent a total of about fourteen tons of raw materials. For this little ecological disaster are responsible producers of software and hardware in their desire to make more money with a very rapid shift technology, which results in increasing amounts of obsolete computers in landfills. For example, less than twenty years ago, you could buy a computer that could perfectly work for the next ten years. Today, after three months, some of the components in the new computer are obsolete. With this pace, imposing manufacturers and customers can order both to follow, but that means death to tons of computer components.

Until now, the old computers that have ended up in the trash were either burned or were left in landfills to decompose for thousands of years. A little light at the end of the tunnel is the recycling of old computer components, but so far a large number of components was not at all useful. Those above seven hundred different materials make the dismantling of these computers very expensive.

When one computer comes to a recycling plant, it meets with dismantling and sorting of components. Decomposition is part of the job which is the least automated, and they are guiding themselves with the sentence – no machine is successful at it like a man is successful.

Parts are placed on a conveyor belt, where it is sorting. Metal, plastic, and glass are divided into further sub-species by passing under infrared lamps. Different types of materials reflect different spectra of light and on this basis to recognize.

Sorted materials are milled and processed both sent to the production plant. All electronic components, chips, capacitors, resistors and integrated circuits, according to the classification sold on the world market used elements, where they are different manufacturers incorporated into their products – from new computers to musical pillars.
In conclusion, the opinion of me and Marina management software is that this is a job in which each party wins: manufacturers save on raw materials and consumers get cheaper electronics. And last, but not the least, discarded computers do not end up as waste polluting the environment.

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Begin IT business Without A Big Investment

Posted by on Jun 15, 2016 in Investment | Comments Off on Begin IT business Without A Big Investment

The biggest obstacle when you want to start your own business is always money. The advantage of every IT expert is that there are different types of services and products they can offer, without needing to invest large amounts of money, and they can achieve great income.

IT skills for creative people

Not long ago graphic design, web design, and 3D art were the skills you needed a big investment in technical tools and for animation, investment in expensive technology so that you can start your business. Today, we have the completely different situation. To begin graphical design business, you only need a computer. Of course, you will need a talent and knowledge of the most sophisticated software for design. But this time, you will be investing in yourself and your career and not in business. You can use many free means of communication to place your ads, like social networks, free ads, emails. If you possess talent, skills, and computer, start with work at once.

Chace for designers

If you want to start some business in the area of construction, technology or mechanical engineering, you won’t need offices.

Thanks to the software AutoCAD, you can start making designs and projects for various clients, companies or investors. You can use the business network to spread around your contacts, or you can join with various forums and start discussions.

Design of mobile applications

This is one of the most profitable online businesses. You will need a great knowledge in this branch, so you can start designing applications for numerous clients from home. Almost all companies want to be in contact with consumers through a mobile application, and they provide their users the numerous services. For this type of business, you don’t need an office, nor paid advertisement, just good will, and knowledge.

Animation studio from home

Animators have their hands full with business today. The best incomes have those who work independently for various clients.

You can start your animation studio from your home and make animated contents for commercial, musical videos, websites, presentations and much more.


When we talk about programming, we all know that this is the most profitable and most wanted job of all. However, if you are a business owner, you can achieve even more. Make a free, but a unique website where you will present your services to future clients and companies. First jobs will be at your doorstep.

Every beginning is hard. These are the businesses that don’t require from you to open a company, to deal with boring paperwork or to make a financial investment. You will only need good knowledge that can be applied on any of these profiles, business spirit, and dedication. Instead of a business place, connect with people on social networks, make your email lists, be active on various forums. With the time, your business will begin to grow, and you will start to feel the benefits of your work. The only thing you will need is a help of a shoulder pain treatment in Belgrade, MT, because you will be spending a long time in the chair.

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